All I want for Christmas - an intern!

In August I got an email from some SCAD student saying they were "a hard working photo student looking to secure an internship." Naturally I never ignore these types of emails. A couple days after her first email, Sarah Rocco and I met for the first time. She was a bright eyed, eager to meet and talk about photography photo student. She was seeking an internship where she can help with daily doings of my business, all while learning along the way. 

An Intern I've never had and the idea always scared me. The part that freaked me out the most was that I had a duty to help them learn. Wether it was lending a hand on set, or working closely with how I handle marketing, Sarah was on board. 

To commemorate this crowning achievement in my career, I turned the camera figuratively onto my intern and asked her a few questions I'm sure all young shooters think about:

- What made you land on photography as a major and what was your parent’s reaction to your decision

I have always been intrigued by cameras. My grandfather bought be an old Polaroid when I was young and I loved bringing it around. When I applied to SCAD, my major just kind of fell into my lap. Most of my portfolio consisted of photos, and on accepted students day, when I got my name tag, it read, Sarah Rocco. Intended Major: Photography. That was when I knew that I was going after the right profession. 


Thinking about my parent’s reaction to my major choice only brings to mind one, word: Supportive. If anything, they were more worried about the distance of my school, then what my major was going to be. However, as my work got better and better, they saw what I saw on that accepted students day; I chose the right profession. I am lucky that I have parents that support me in whatever I choose. 


- Current / past photographers that you admire or are inspired by

I adore Sally Mann. Especially her Immediate Family series, and how she got absolutely shit on for it. People told her that she was exploiting her kids instead of looking at how stunning her large format photos were. I respect when photographers go through hell to get the world to see their photos, it makes them more meaningful. 


- If you could photograph anyone/anything, who or what would it be?

If I could photograph anyone it would be my great grandmother because she was gorgeous and always super serious. 


- What is your goal for the first year out of school?

My goal is to graduate with a job. Who wouldn't want that? But my first year out of school, I want to travel, in and out of the US. No idea where I would get the money for it, but I want to go to Alaska, California, Colorado, India, Bali, Greece, Italy, Africa, London, etc. (Just to name a few). I want to be able to see different parts of the world. Because I have explored my own backyard already. 


- As a young photographer still in school, what would you like to learn more of while in school? 

Honestly, my school is amazing. We are SCAD: The University for Creative Careers. Everyday, our professors are helping us towards our future jobs. 

As a junior, I still have many classes to go, however I know that those classes will teach me so much. 


If anything, I would like to focus a lot on what I am learning right now, with Chris Sembrot. We are focusing a lot on the client, rather then the photographer. It is nice to see how I could possibly land jobs. 


- Besides being super successful, what are your top 5 bucket list items, as a young working photographer, would you like to hit by the time you're 30? 

Travel to India 

Photograph at least one famous person 

Take a picture everyday for a year 

Buy an amazing camera with MY OWN money (thanks dad) 



photo by: Sarah Rocco