Childhood Memories Revisited.

Every year around early June I start to get that itch. The one that surfaces after a string of hot and humid days that reminds me of childhood.  Where driving through parts of Jersey that somehow time has seemingly stopped a generation ago. Roadside mini farmers markets and bait shops every other 1/4 mile and dreams of this vibe never changing.

I remember being woken up at 4am to help pack up the Bronco.  Coleman coolers and rusted metal traps that usually required last minute rigging since never did all four sides open properly. Crabbing, as a kid, was my escape. This past Friday, after weeks of negotiating schedules and juggling dates, three friends and I finally made this long overdue trip happen. The day was hot and if not for the Budweisers and gallons of water, we all would have become crab jerky. 

Friends as mentioned: Kiley (of Shophouse Design , Carl and Drew  (fellow Fishtowner and local artist).   Keep in mind Kiley's vegetarian and jumped way outside her comfort zone for this one. Big ups for not complaining about being covered in chicken juice at 8am!