Friends Wo Inspire - Ben McBrien

Over the years I've made friends with a ton of creative folks from a wide array of disciplines. And that's why a couple weeks ago I decided to turn the spotlight away from my work and share my blog with these individuals. Each Monday I'll be highlighting a new friend's work and some words on how we became friends. 

First up, Ben McBrien (aka Farmhaus.) Ben's a woodworker and is know to make furniture that will have you considering selling off a kidney. He's big on up-cycling wood that would ultimately take up landfill space and turing it into family heirlooms. 

I first met Ben over a year ago while on the lookout for surfers for my Urban Surfers project (he's a former pro surfer). A friend of ours, Keith Greiman (who I will be highlighting on here soon) introduced us and we instantly hit it off.  If you live in Philly and follow a few local art galleries on Instagram (like Art IN The Age and Art Star ) you than you've probably seen his work. 

Check out a shots I got of Ben working in his East Kensington studio.