Friends Who Inspire - Rick Malwitz

By now you may notice a trend forming, that surfing and surfers have become a big inspiration for me. I may be absolutely terrible at the sport but the culture, the people and style grabbed me from the beginning and hasn't let go. I'm very thankful for those friends who insisted I try it and get my ass in the water. 

Following up with my latest 'friends that inspire' is surfer super dad, Rick Malwitz. I was fortunate to meet Rick through a few local and no longer local surfers. Turns out Rick hates sleep. On top of being a full time art director/graphic designer and dad, Rick shapes surf boards, roasts coffee, and builds just about anything with this hands. For the last few years shaping has almost become another full time job. His boards can be found in surf shops in Asbury Park, and the Patagonia store in NYC.

In coming weeks I'll be sharing a video I shot of all these friends shot so far.