East Coast Surfing - Philly Mag. Style

Finally, finally, finally!! There's nothing more difficult than keeping images a secret and free from posting to Instagram for any period of time, let alone for a whole year! 12 months! That's the amount of time I had to sit on images captured last year for a Philly Mag story on the surfing community in and around Philadelphia. 

I was asked to shoot the surf culture of the New Jersey shore and it's relationship to Phila. Many may not even know there's a strong community of dedicated individuals willing to drop everything and drive a couple hours just for some time in the surf, but Philly is loaded with them. I've been fortunate enough to have met a bunch of these diehards while shooting my Urban Surfers project last year and decided to feature them in this 10 page feature in this July's issue. 

Special thanks to Michael, Jamie and the rest of the fine folks who helped make this project happen. It's always exciting to see an image or two make it to print, it's something more when you get 10 uninterrupted pages to spread out on.